Cartoon Characters: Latest Nail Art Design

Designing nails is part of the big concept of ART. There are many people who are enjoying doing nail arts because it is great to see their fingernails with different colors and they become confident that they will appear cleaner and social. If you are interested to do nail art, different cartoon characters are the latest design for this art. You can choose among available patterns of your favorite cartoon characters and be fashionable all the way.



Spongebob is one of the most popular cartoon character that kids love. You can let your daughters experience nail arts but make sure to limit them too.



Cookie monster and Elmo belong to the old cartoon characters that also children love to watch. They are in the television program, “Sesame Street” but now, they are in trend in nail art designs.



One of the most recent Pixar movies is “The Smurfs”. As you know the story was good and very touching that is why in nail art designs, they are also in demand. Both young and old ones will love this design.

Beautifying yourself and be updated of new trends are wonderful. If you are going to do this for business, make sure your materials are complete.

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